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Founder and owner of Quality Sport Holiday Clubs, Nicola Cleaver is on a mission to make sure as many children as possible are being fed and engaging in fun activities during the school holidays.  This is driven by her passion to ensure all children are given the same opportunities regardless of their background and circumstances.  Having worked in the private children’s activities sector for 15 years only offering paid provisions she is determined to make sure Quality Sport is serving all of the community and not just those who can afford to access it. 

Over the past two years Nicola and the Quality Sport team have worked hard to ensure we are reaching as many children as possible in the North West during the school holidays and have expanded from 4 sites to 10 sites during 2022.

Nicola’s aspirations and ultimate goal is to get to ‘the top’ and have influence on the criteria of holiday club programmes being supported by councils and guiding them on the best way to deliver them to communities.  Inspired by the children who come to us and take every opportunity offered to them and run with it, we won’t stop until we are a flagship provider in the North West and actually have a say on how the HAF programme is shaped and delivered, as we are the ones on the ground working with these children and their families which gives us such an insight on what can be put in place to best serve them.

Nicola recently spoke at a business event at Old Trafford in Manchester about Social Impact in Business and how all businesses should consider their social impact and make it an integral part of their company's culture to make a difference in their local communities.

Current Press Releases:
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